The Unfinished Poem Called Senioritis - By Matab Brahimi

The Unfinished Poem Called Senioritis - By Matab Brahimi

This poem is dedicated to the following:

To all of you out there,
Who, sometime around December,
Something plagued their lives
And they're too lazy to remember

To those who cringe
From the word procrastination
And wake up at two p.m.
Because sleep is their salvation

To all those naggers
Who drag their feet and say,
"What homework?...oh that,
I'll do it some other day..."

This is for those who promise
To get things done
And instead shrug it off
Because "it's not fun"

This is for those slackers who just heard
The paper is due
Who see it in their agenda everyday,
Yet they had "no clue"

For those up all night
Staring at a computer screen
Typing up that report
while gulping down gallons of caffeine

This is for you seniors
Who hit snooze countless times
(uhh...I'm just writing this
So it rhymes)

This is for...
(The author of this poem
Is taking a break
And promises to finish
Once Awake....................)

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